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Here you will find our extensive range of truly organic beauty products from Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care Products Online. Here at this website our goal and mission is to inform and provide services and products to improve the quality, durability and resilience of the largest organ in your body, your skin.

Browse our Holist Face  category where you can find the best all natural products for a healthy skin care regimen. Face cleansers, exfoliators, toners and moisturizers, for all skin types. For your body you can visit Holistic Body category where you will find products for your chest & neck, sun damaged skin and body oil. On our Nutrient Oils you can find products for scar reduction, anti-aging, moisturizer while benefiting you through their aromatherapy oils.

The research and studies are our basis to claim the effectiveness of each of our products. We are conscious that anything that is applied to our skin is absorbed by the pores creating a reaction depending on the ingredients of that product.

Pesticides and antibiotics accumulate in our tissues, where they produce harmful effects - from resistance to hormone disruption to cancer.  By using organic based products is that fewer toxic chemicals accumulate in our bodies. 

Organic beauty products save our skin from harmful chemicals which are present in most of the non-organic products.  The accumulation of chemicals slowly spread into our body and cause severe damage to our skin. Natural skin care products that restore your skin to its natural state, without the toxic ingredients that some others do.

Organic beauty products ensure that people have safe and healthy skin while still being environmentally friendly.  By introducing organic products as part of a healthier lifestyle, we can stay more connected to the source of our food and personal care products.

Nourish your skin while nourishing your senses and our planet!




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