Organic Jojoba Seed Body Oil

The jojoba seed oil minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin naturally.

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Price: $20

Volume: 4 OZ



Product Description

Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis

(Pure, Cold Pressed, Certified Organic Jojoba Seed Oil)

Benefits: Jojoba Seed Oil has a beautiful deep gold color with a mild aroma and is regarded as the most favored in the carrier oil family because of its advanced molecular stability and absorption properties that are similar to our skin's own sebum. It dissolves any excess natural oils when applied, hence, preventing skin problems such as acne flare-ups or oil build up. A Jojoba based moisturizer lasts longer on your skin than a water-based moisturizer because it does not evaporate.

Skin Type: All skin types; superb for oily skin.

Click here to view an exceptional formula for delicate skin that includes Organic Jojoba Oil. 

Suggested Use: May be used to moisturize, remove makeup, cleanse clogged pores, massage body, or treat damaged hair and dry scalp.

Avoid adding our Organic Jojoba Oil into existing products that may contain toxic chemicals hindering this oil’s true potential on your skin.

Storage: Jojoba Oil may become cloudy and solidify in cold temperatures because it is not an oil, but rather a wax. Due to its high stability than most oils, rancidity is very rarely a concern. (Shelf life: 2-3 years)


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